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DiveRAID School

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Why pick us ?

DiveRAID only work with dive centres with premises.  What does this mean for you our clients? 

You get the support of a full-time, well equipped dive shop to provide you with advice as well as the "hardware" - gas fills, servicing and sales across all aspects of the sport.

We have RAID Instructors, Instructor Trainers and Divemasters in the team with vast experience of diving here in Scotland as well as overseas.

Our school equipment is premium and is maintained and serviced annually by our on-site dive technician. We provide our students with XDeep wings and back plates from day one and offer front entry membrane drysuits. Our regulators are all Apeks and we use the Apeks RK3 fins to give our clients the best possible experience when learning to dive.

We pride ourselves in providing you a premium package when it comes to your dive course. 

Good buoyancy through balance and stability in the water gives the diver control, this is a basic fundamental that we teach at West Coast Diving from day one. As Scotland's only DiveRAID centre, we don't just teach you how to breathe underwater - we teach you to become a diver!

Safe, inclusive, no shortcuts: a thoroughly modern approach… The RAID Way™


Photo Credit: Garry Dallas 

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Click on the flow chart to go to DiveRAID website to learn more .

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