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West Coast Diving offers professional consultancy and dive guide services in and around the Scottish west coast and isles. We offer a vast array of dive sites and options to fit our clients needs, from Open Water to technical diving up to depths of 50m. In addition we offer guided snorkelling suitable for all.

We have hundreds of dive briefs prepared and use the most up to date technology on the market to provide accurate data on dive sites.

Scotland has over 900 islands, of which 118 are inhabited.


The most remote Scottish island is Rockall, which is around 300 km from Hirta (Hiort) in the St Kilda archipelago.


We estimate Scotland’s coastline to be 18,743 km in length - to put this into context India's coast line is 7,516 km.

Information has been collected for some 20,000 ships wrecks around the Scottish coast.


Due to the remote nature of some of these wrecks, very few people have had the pleasure to see these ships after they slipped below the waves on those fateful voyages.


We can visit some famous wrecks like the SS Politician from the 1949 movie “Whisky Galore” where Scottish islanders try to plunder 50,000 cases of whisky from the stranded ship!

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