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We can provide air fills up to 300 Bar & Nitrox fills to 240 Bar up to 40%



We can also provide Technical Nitrox fills, see details below.


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Our Air

Our air purity certification, for our compressor, complies to current HSE guidelines for standard air purity and Nitrox blending purity. A certificate of conformity is displayed next to the compressor at all times.


Nitrox / Oxygen

Nitrox fills are available up to and including 100% (If you require a fill greater than 40% please pre-book a couple of days in advance.) All blending is undertaken to current HSE and guidelines and by competent gas blenders. Cylinders must conform to current HSE guidelines.

Customers MUST produce their Nitrox certification card at the time of each fill. Nitrox will only be provided the customer to the level of qualification.

Any other Nitrox mix will be charged at 2.5p per litre of oxygen added.

Air tops ups are £3.00

If a cylinder is to be used for Nitrox then the cylinder must be oxygen clean due to the gas blending process (this applies to blends over 40%). This can be done at anytime but is cheaper done at the time of test. Once the cylinder has been oxygen cleaned it is oxygen standard and lasts for 15 months. The cylinder will have specific oxygen clean decals and contents stickers so that you can distinguish it from a normal air cylinder. See service page for prices. 

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